Available Data

We are building a bioinformatic database of liver and lung cancer data that will be available in December 2019—we are now pre-marketing the data.

Coming December


Liver Cancer Matched Biosamples

Liver cancer incidence in Taiwan exceeds 11,000 cases per year with patients receiving some of the most advanced treatment in the world.


Lung Cancer Matched Biosamples

Taiwan’s NHIA has recently approved some immunotherapies for reimbursement allowing the accumulation of efficacy data vs. genotype.

Matched Biosamples

Pairs of both healthy and cancerous biosamples.


From lower cost SNP to WGS/WES datasets, GeneRight™ leverages Taiwan’s world class medical and technical processes and platforms.

Real-World Evidence

Sources matching medical reimbursement and relevant personal medical data.


Datasets consistently integrated from multiple biobank sources.


Meets the terms of Taiwan's Personal Information Privacy Act and Bio-Bank Act, plus other relevant laws.

Market Demand

The GeneRight™ Taiwan data source covers the breadth of the Han Chinese genome.

Paired Data

Data includes cancer type, age, gender and some clinical history.

“Our world is built on biology and once we begin to understand it,
it then becomes a technology.”
⎯⎯⎯ Ryan Bethencourt